Resource Model and Reserve Estimate

Groff has multiple domestic and worldwide experiences in the cement industry, and in 2017 was tasked with updating the resource model and reserve estimate for a Greenfield site in Tanzania. As part of the task, a full analysis of the drillhole data and assays was performed. Statistics and correlation matrices were generated in R. Drillholes were reviewed in Carlson Software, and strata contacts and faults were identified. Understanding the complex nature of the deposit, expertise in geostatistics was brought in from Alma Ground. They used Datamine to perform the multi-structure kriging, and validate the results with the initial drillhole and assay statistics. A final volume variance correction completed the resource model and allowed Groff to complete the reserve estimate in Carlson Mining. This collaborative effort, and the expertise of the team members involved, led to a much better resource model and allowed us to report more reserves than would have been reported using less sophisticated methods.

Groff Engineering understands the challenges in the cement industry and works to develop mine plans that maximize the recovery of the mineral resource, while maintaining the desired characteristics of cement plant raw feed. Applying best practices in production sampling, grade control modeling, and statistically valid resource modeling allows Groff to develop mine plans that are practical and effective.

Project Details

Client: Mamba Cement Company, Ltd
Date: 2017

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